Migrate your JWT app

I ve tired to create Server-to-Server OAuth or an OAuth app to replace the functionality of my JWT app , and it keeps giving me errors and is beyond my level of expertise! HELP

Welcome, @jim ,
Happy to help get you started with Server-to-server. As a start, are you able to share the error messages you are seeing?

You may also be interested in this walking through a Youtube video on SDK :

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That is the message I received, I’ve tried to follow that YouTube video but not following.

Hi @jim
Here is a link to a post about how to user the Server to Server OAuth app with Postman

Hope this helps!

I’ve tried all that and still get error! That is why I have been trying to get someone to call me and just help me set it up and grab my token. Iam about 2 mins away from canceling my Pro service, and just using my teams!

Jim Thornton (Owner, DJ Jimmy T Entertainment LLC)
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Interesting, @jim
Let me send you a private message