Migrating auto provision from JWT

We use JWT to auto provision Zoom accounts based on AD security group membership.

I have reached out to Zoom support to ask how I can migrate this to OAuth, and all they keep doing is sending me a link to how to create a JWT app.

User authentication is handled by SSO, JWT is only used for auto provision of accounts. Nothing I have seen helps me to migrate this to OAuth and I am struggling to move forward on this.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how I do this or a link to anything that provides me some guidance?

Hi @gdavies
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
It looks like you could benefit from the Server to Server OAuth app type:

Basically the only thing that changes between the JWT app and the Server to Server OAuth app is the token generation.

Here is a migration guide:

And also a post on how to user Server to Server Oauth app with Postman that could be a good starting point for you

Hope this helps!