Azure AD auto-provision with Zoom OAuth app

I’m trying to set up auto-provisioning of users signing in to Zoom using SSO with Azure AD, as detailed in this article.

The article states

  • For the Secret Token , generate a JSON Web Token (JWT) using your Zoom Marketplace key and secret.
    Note*: You must have your own method of creating the JWT. Zoom does not provide this functionality.
    Note**: Zoom recommends that you create Server-to-Server OAuth or OAuth apps instead of a JWT token due to the depreciation of the JWT app type in June 2023.

I’m trying to build an OAuth app in the Zoom Marketplace but it’s much more complex than a JWT app and I’m unsure what the ‘secret token’ equivalent of a JWT app is for an OAuth app (to plug into Azure AD’s admin credentials).

I can see a ‘client secret’ in the OAuth app config, but I can’t use it unless the whole OAuth app has been submitted and enabled, and there are a few things i’m not sure how to configure (‘Redirect URL for OAuth’, allow lists, event subscriptions, scopes, etc.) despite following the steps in this article.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @nexgenhcITadmin
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
It looks like you are looking into the wrong app type.

The one that the article is recommending is the Server-to-Server Oauth:

I am also going to share here some guides on how to user this app type with Postman and a couple of resources that can help you integrate with Zoom:

We also have a sample app that could help you with the token generation: