Missing lodash dependency in zoom package 3.5.2 when importing ZoomMtg for client view causes crash

I’m using the Web SDK 3.5.2 client view in a React 18 application

Importing ZoomMtg from @zoom/meetingsdk and then calling


results in an uncaught error that crashes the system. The console log shows:

08:59:44.739 zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: _ is not defined
    at Object.<anonymous> (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:288075)
    at Object.t4 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:286527)
    at a3 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:830580)
    at 88739 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:278236)
    at a3 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:830580)
    at 38274 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:333482)
    at a3 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:830580)
    at 63200 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:332993)
    at a3 (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:830580)
    at zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2:835870
(anonymous) @ zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js:2

Upon further investigation, it is clear that the error is caused by the the zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js file referring to _.debounce(), a lodash function, but lodash is not included as a dependency in the @zoom package.

I was able to temporarily work around the issue by including lodash via a script file element in index.html, but that approach won’t work for me when my app is released to production. I used:
<script src="https://source.zoom.us/3.5.2/lib/vendor/lodash.min.js"></script>

This can only be resolved appropriately with an updated sdk package release.

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