Missing View Option | unable to switch to gallery Mode?

I’m running this example

my camera is always black if there are people I can see their camera

Where can I find the option View so I can change the mode to Speaker Mode or Gallery Mode?

See the Screenshot

Good Day, @nizamani987,

Welcome to the Developer Forum – I am thrilled to help out here. As a start, please make sure that you are running in Web Isolation or using the Origin Trial. Down below I’ve linked a helpful developer forum post along with our Web Isolation documentation for reference:

Web Isolation documentation:

Please check those resources out and let me know if this helps.


This is working on Windows 10 but not on Mac Os see the screenshot and one more thing
how can I set gallery view as default? that is when I join the call (2 or more people) it should show gallery view by default for all people.
the first screenshot you see is from mac os

Array Buffer is configured properly as I run the command in console


I followed up with you in our other thread, let me know if that helps!


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