Gallery View Button not showing in Chrome Browser

I am not able to see View button at the right top of window for switching to gallery view. Instead Full screen button is shown.
OS: Windows 11
Browser: Chrome 92.0.4515.107
Zoom Web SDK Version: 1.9.7

PS: Button is showing on MAC OS Chrome Browser

Hi Dev Forum;

We have the same issue.

Zoom Web SDK 1.9.1 | 1.9.7 (Zoom sample app)
Chrome version: 92.0.4515.107

We use Chrome on Windows 10.


Is your app running in Web Isolation or using the SharedArrayBuffer Origin Trial? That looks like one of the features that get disabled when the SDK has no access to the SharedArrayBuffer, which is no longer accessible in the latest Chrome update unless running in Web Isolation or using the Origin Trial.

For reference:

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Thanks mijodu. That really helped.
It also solved this issue: Getting Blank screen on self Video

Thank you for your insight @mijodu!

Let me know if there are any questions.


Hi MaxM,

Thank you for your response. We tried to incorporate the solution mentioned here:

We put in the required values in nginx.conf but we are still facing the same problem.

Zoom SDK version: 1.95.1
URL: India’s leading mobile app for school parent communication and fees payments

Further we have noticed that we are not able to see meeting.html or helper.html in the Network section of Chrome Dev Tools.

Pls advisewhat are we missing.

Hey @helloparent,

I responded in our initial thread, please follow up there


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