Missing/Wrong data from different API calls for meetings

When trying to retrieve meeting information using different APIs, the endpoints are returning:

  • No data
  • Incorrect information
  • Incomplete data

No errors - just missing or wrong data from the API calls.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
GET /users/{userId}/meetings - incomplete data
GET /meetings/{meetingId} - no data
GET /metrics/meetings/{meetingId} - wrong data (possibly)

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. See additional context

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
While testing different endpoints, I noticed that there are inconsistent or wrong information being returned. It may be that I’m not understanding what the endpoints are supposed to return.

Issue #1: Calling GET /users/{userId}/meetings for my user does not list meetings with the ID 7569182887
That API endpoint returns 51 meetings - the oldest from Jan 28, 2019 and the newest being April 16, 2020. But based on the screenshot above for the list of meetings, the result is missing six of the newest meetings.

Issue #2: When I call GET /meetings/{meetingId} with the meeting ID of 7569182887, I get the return value:

  "code": 300,
  "message": "Invalid meetingId"

Issue #3: Calling GET /metrics/meetings/{meetingId} for the meeting ID 7569182887, however, does return data:

  "dept": "",
  "duration": "",
  "email": "dhyun@obsidiansecurity.com",
  "end_time": "",
  "has_3rd_party_audio": false,
  "has_pstn": false,
  "has_recording": false,
  "has_screen_share": false,
  "has_sip": false,
  "has_video": false,
  "has_voip": false,
  "host": "Danny Hyun",
  "id": 7569182887,
  "participants": 0,
  "start_time": "",
  "topic": "Danny Hyun's Personal Meeting Room",
  "user_type": "Basic",
  "uuid": "xxxxx-removed" // I took this out

Are the attribute values for the last time the meeting was held? For example:
"has_screen_share": false,
"has_recording": false,
These are true for the very last meeting with that ID, but not for the meeting just prior to that (please see screenshot).


As a side question: Are the numeric meeting IDs unique or are they ever re-used?

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I’m seeing the same problem. It was working yesterday. Perhaps this is a problem that was introduced today? The only difference is that I’m using JWT.

I am not sure what’s happening with the API. Yesterday, after my meeting, when I made a call to GET /meetings/{meetingId} the API returned invalid meeting ID message. But when I went back today, that same API now returns meeting information.

But I had made a recording in the meeting (as can be seen by this screenshot in the Zoom dashboard):

But when I call GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings with that meeting ID, the API returns:

  "code": 3301,
  "message": "There is no recording for this meeting"

When I make a call to GET /metrics/meetings/{meetingId} to see if the Dashboard API has different information, this is what I get:

  "has_recording": false,

So I’m not sure how that information is being made available.

Sounds like only new meetings have a problem. One change between old and new meetings is that meetings IDs were transitioned from 9 to 11 digits in the past week or two for instant meetings. (Personal meeting IDs, FWIW, have always been 10 digits.)

I speculate that the new longer meeting ID format may be breaking various things.

@david.foster your speculation does makes sense. Interestingly, my account doesn’t have any IDs that are 11 digits long. All my testing has been with 9 or 10 digit IDs. My guess is that there are fixes taking place daily because I have been getting different behavior for the same meeting ID for the past three days.

Hey @dhyun, happy to help! :slight_smile:

Make sure you are passing in the correct query param:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 1.33.05 PM

The GET /meetings/{meetingId} is for upcoming or live meetings. What query params were you using?

The metrics / dashboard / reports endpoints are for getting meetings that are live (dashboard only) or already ended.

When passing in the meetingID it will reference the latest meeting. To get the meeting before that with the same ID, you will need to pass in the meetingUUID.

They can be reused, but it is rare. MeetingUUIDs are never reused.


Hey @erahhal,

Can you please share more details about your issue including request urls and responses.


Thanks for your input @david.foster

@dhyun, what meeting ID are you passing in when trying to get a recording?