Mobile RTC Arm64 Support

This topic has been discussed numerous times on this forum. Here is one of the threads that captures other conversations as well.

In the comment it was mentioned that the root cause is an issue with Apple and the request for more information regarding this root cause was not given. Apple Silicon has been around for some time now, and isn’t some hobby that will be going away any time soon. It is a little frustrating from a developer’s perspective to use an SDK that is not modern (i.e. a framework that is objective-C), doesn’t support common lifecycle events (i.e. scene delegates), and now does not allow for a common basic developer experience on modern Apple hardware.

Is there anything that can be shared from Zoom regarding the direction the SDKs are going? Can anything be shared regarding a backlog of features and modernization efforts for the SDK? With more and more using hybrid meetings - it really does feel like the SDKs provided by Zoom are going backwards and not forwards.


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