MobileRTCSample [ms startAppShare] return NO


I always get a No response when calling [ms startAppShare].

SDK version?


Steps to reproduce the behavior:

When I was running the demo MobileRTCSample of the SDK and joined a meeting, I encountered an issue where the “Share a single UIView” feature did not respond when I clicked the share button. After reviewing the code data, I found that the program always returns NO when executing [ms startAppShare], and there are no error logs. I would like to know what could be the reason for this?


- Device: iPhone 12

- OS: iOS 16.3

Any updates on this?

Excuse me, is the return value of [ms startAppShare] related to the region? For example, does it return NO for China or some other regions in China? Or is it related to the device, such as returning yes normally on an iPad?

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