Receive shares do not display content

5.10.6 can only be used for some reason.
When receiving shared content, the probability of loading will not come out. Only a black screen is displayed. When loading fails, only MobileRTCSharingStatus = 2 is called back. And then nothing happened.
When the load succeeds, call back MobileRTCSharingStatus = 2 and then MobileRTCSharingStatus = 4.
How to solve this problem, thank you for your guidance, very anxious.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
iPhone 6s
iOS 15

In previous questions, many users have also encountered this problem, but unfortunately I did not find a solution.

Hi @710041899 ,

Thanks for the post. Could you share more info such as:

  1. Are you using default UI or custom UI?
  2. When another user is sharing, is the iOS SDK user the only one who is not able to view the shared screen?
  3. Are you able to reproduce this with our sample app?
  4. Could you provide SDK log of the iOS SDK user so that we could further investigate?

Thank you!

  1. The custom UI used
  2. It cannot be viewed only on iOS. When using the iPhone6s, the stable repeats
  3. Use the custom UI in the official demo. You can’t view it.

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