Modifying Default Meeting UI Buttons (functionalities and icons)

I have integrated the Android Zoom SDK into a React Native application and would like to modify the buttons that appear in the bottom bar of the default meeting UI. Specifically, I want to change the icon of the share screen button and change what happens on press. I read that this is doable when implementing a custom UI but I intend to keep the default UI and just change the aforementioned detail, which I couldn’t find a lot about. Would this be doable?

Hi @stevenkhaldi303030, thanks for using the dev forum.

Please note that, while I will do my best to assist you, we do not yet support react native with our mobile SDKs.

That being said, you are correct that this would require implementing a custom meeting UI. The only UI modifications that the Android SDK supports are through the MeetingOptions object passed in when joining/starting a meeting or through the ZoomUIService.