Monitoring changes to in-meeting UI, specifically: from image to video


I am developing a feature that performs an action when the guest’s view of the host’s screen changes from the static image view to the video player view. I’m having trouble figuring out how to programmatically monitor this change.


Hi Mark,

Could you provide some more insights on this request? the reason is that there are so many different scenario for sharing, for example, do the image view  and video player view belong to same application?



Both images are snapshots of the guest’s screen. First snapshot is the meeting view with an image in the center. The second snapshot is the display of the video being shared by the host. As far as I know, what I am trying to access in order to monitor is the display in the center. Can I get to this frame through the Zoom meetingView?


Hi Mark,

Zoom doesn’t monitor sharing content right now. So there is no API for this feature. For your request, the video frame is fixed based on your design right? Why you need use Zoom meetingview to get it? 



I didn’t realize the frame was based on our design. I am working on an app that is used for joining meetings, the app for hosting is a completely different implementation, and I don’t know much about it; I am new. I will find help from within the company. Thank you for pointing that out to me.


Hey, I’m back, so the size of the frame is being printed out when the guest joins the meeting:

CASView::ReceiveASData() x = 0, y = 224, w = 768, h = 575, ratio = 2.666667

Is there anyway I can get this from within the code? Here is the exact reason I need this, now that I know exactly what I am developing. The video sharing doesn’t work, as I’m sure you know, due to the restrictions by Apple, and the guests will only see a black screen when the host shares any video. I am layering a video player on top of the Zoom meeting, and I want to only layer on top of the shared screen frame.


Hi Mark,

we will keep you posted on the status of this feature request.