Show only host's video in meeting


I am starting the meeting and everything works perfectly, but then, when someone joins the meeting, my phone starts showing participant’s video. The problem is, all the participants have their video and sound off, so I want them just to watch the stream.
Right now, if I start the stream - I will see what I am streaming, but if someone joins me, then I will see what he’s streaming (or just a black screen in my case, since participants don’t have their videos on)

How can host see only what he’s streaming?

Thank you!

Hi @muhannad,

You could create a Webinar. From there only the the attendees will be able to see the host screen and nothing else.

Let us know if that helps.

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Hey Michael,

Thank you for the feedback!
Is it possible to create Webinar with iOS SDK? Also, can webinar be joined the same way as meeting?

Also, is there any way to display only hosts video for everyone in a meeting?

Thank you.

Hey @muhannad,

Webinars can be created via our Rest API:


Have you tried these settings:

Also for questions unrelated to our APIs and App Marketplace, please reach out to as they will be able to better assist.


Hey Tommy, thanks for the follow up!

What settings exactly are you talking about? The problem is, that MobileRTCActiveVideoView (which is basically a camera output) shows freshly joined participants’ video, but I want to show only host’s video there for host.

We are using custom UI.

I also tried MobileRTCPreviewVideoView (which logically should be just right to use in this case), but it just displays black screen with Zoom watermark over it.

Thank you!!

Hey @muhannad, may I ask what sdk you are using?


Sure, I am using the latest SDK ([v4.6.15084.0206])


Hey @muhannad,

Which SDK? iOS, Android, Web…?