Multiple Users/Hosts simultaneously

I am able to create the SDK JWT successfully and start a video session with our React Native Application. I have started the implementation with Android OS first and will move to iOS next.

My question is-
How will I have multiple simultaneous sessions using the single SDK key for JWT creation? Do I need to add a ZAK token from the user/host when creating the JWT?
I am just confused where I will add this piece of information because our plan will have 5 user licenses but I dont have a method to say a particular user has begun the session when authenticating with the Video SDK App Key.

Thank You

HI @samuel.mula30,

Thanks for your question! I want to make sure I understand correctly–you’d like to have simultaneous different sessions, which a host for reach? Or would you like to have the same session running simultaneously on different devices?


Simultaneous different sessions different hosts under our pro account. Using the same SDK key to generate the session JWT token. The reference for video sdk does not outline how to accomplish this or if it needs to be done.

Many thanks,


Hi @samuel.mula30 ,

Thanks for the clarification! You should be fine to run simultaneous different sessions without issue, just be sure to utilize a different ‘topic’ for each session to make them distinct. If you bump into any issues when running them, please let me know.


Excellent. Thank you for the clarification.


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