Is it possible to start concurrent session if we are using video SDK without any other licencing

I am very new to zoom integration. We are developing an e-Learning platform where we need to run n number of concurrent meeting sessions. One session would contain one trainer and multiple learners, along with this we want to do full customization of the zoom meeting on the UI side.
If we are going with video SDK Licensing, do we require any other license to run above mention business flow?. Please help to understand.

  1. Do we need to schedule a meeting through video sdk and while scheduling the meeting, shall we pass the same JWT token in all?
  2. When we start meeting who is going to become a host?
  3. How Trainer can start behaving host?.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @vikash ,

For the Zoom Video SDK, you have complete control over the UI and how many concurrent sessions you want to run. :slight_smile:

You can checkout our docs here to get started and learn more:

Let me know if you have additional questions. :slight_smile:


Here’s what I’ve found from testing

You don’t need to schedule a meeting at all. The topics seem to be created & destroyed automatically. I’d recommend using random strings for the topic name; if you use common words, it’d be possible you’d try to join a topic created by someone else (a random password would help prevent others from accidentally joining yours). I assume two different API keys could join the same topic as long as the password was the same, but I haven’t tested this. A created topic seems to expire (thus resetting its password) after a few minutes of having no one connected to it.

In my experience, the first user to join the topic is automatically created as the host. That host can then pass the host status off to another account. In my implementation I added a check that fired any time a new user joined that is essentially “Am I the host and is the user joining supposed to be the host instead? If so, give them the host status”. It’s not ideal because the person who first join will have host powers up until the person who should be host joins. There may be a better solution to this, but I haven’t found it.

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Thanks for sharing your testing and feedback @bekit .


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