Muting incoming audio

Hello, i am currently working on integrating zoom into our application. There is some trouble with getting the audio to mute.

We need to be able to force all audio coming from the non-host to be muted, how can this be achieved? I am using the web sdk. I realize we cannot force the non-host to keep their microphone muted, but can we force the audio to not play on the host’s side?

Hi @belsperger,

To mute the attendees you can use the MuteAll function[1].

1 -


As I understand it, it still allows the attendees to unmute themselves, no?

Correct @belsperger.

You can also hide the audio button via CSS.

Maybe a better flow is to use webinars instead of meetings in the Web SDK, which don’t give the attendees the ability to speak.


Unfortunately, there are cases where we’ll need the attendees to speak. We do not have control over the attendee’s CSS as they will be using the standalone client. Is there no way to get a reference to the stream being passed in via the SDK?

Hey @belsperger,

When using webinar, you can allow participants to talk: