Need additional token_index values added to apps

We have created two OAuth apps. Currently, we can request an OAuthToken with token_index value [0], so there is only one valid OAuth Token at a time for this app. We have a need for two additional token_index values [0, 1, 2], for a total of 3 valid tokens at a time. Is this possible, if so how can I implement this?

Hi @iechodev ,

I can request increase token tolerance on your behalf. Can you please confirm that the email you used to sign up on the forum is the one associated with the application?


Hi Gianni, yes it’s the same email. We really need the token tolerance increase on two apps on our account iECHO-QA and iECHO-Demo apps. We need two additional tokens on both apps for a total of 3 token indices each. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks so much!

I’m going to message you so you can send the client ID for the credentials you’re using for each app and you’re welcome!