Self increase of token index

I saw that if I want to approach two endpoints in the API with one token I need to use the token index parameter in the request, but I also saw that by default the number of the allowed number of indexes is 1.
So in the end I need to approach you guys and ask for increasing the number of the allowed indexes.
My question is this - it Is possible to change the number of the indexes by myself (even if it is possible only when I generate the token or if it is possible even later) or it is mandatory that it is possible only by approaching the support center?

According this announcement, you no longer need to worry about OAuth tokens being invalidated by a subsequent request for another token. The purpose of the token index you are talking about was to overcome this particular problem and therefore the token index is no longer necessary. In fact, the announcement states that if you continue using the token index query parameter, it will simply be ignored.

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