Need proper guidance

Hello community,
I am currently working to integrate zoom in my website, so I came across meeting sdk, but then was lost in documentation, and got confused in the end, as it was my first time doing all this.
So here is the thing I want, first of all, I want that a host user can schedule a zoom meeting from my website itself and invite a different user of the same site to the same meeting. Secondly, I want that I can track the details about the meetings.
If you can help me a proper kind of roadmap that would be very great for me.
Thanks again community.

Hi @jainrakshit_04
Thanks for reaching out to us!
If you are just looking to create meetings via API and track the details about the meetings, you can benefit from using our REST API

If you want to embed the Zoom client into your website, then you will want to build with our meeting Web SDK