Need to create app that can be shared with outside our account

We need to create a app that can be shared with users outside the account, but it shouldn’t be published in marketplace. Can we be able to do that?

We need this for testing purposes and why we need to test our app outside is so that they can use it to test their process with their accounts.

Hi @usertestdelete92
Thanks for reaching out to us!
You can do that yes, you can publish you app but have it unlisted in the Marketplace.

Or you can request an Authorization URL that will allow you to share your app with users outside your account

Let me know if this helps

Hello @elisa.zoom . Thanks for the reply.

But it says there in Publishing Apps Creating a private app allows users on your account to add your app without releasing it publicly. I have mentioned the app should be able to used by users outside of my account and the app should be unlisted in marketplace.

Can we able to do that or not?

@usertestdelete92 ,

Yes, it is possible to create Marketplace App that is publicly available. To do so, you will want to creat create a Zoom Marketplace OAuth app that can be shared outside your account. Please see this helpful developer forum post for more details on this topic :

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