Need to determine last user's activity or last change to Zoom user for inactive users via API v2


Dear all,

we are using the API v2 to automate the user lifecycle in Zoom. As a last step, we now want to implement user deletion. For this, our idea is to first deactivate the user, and after a grace period of, say, 90 days, we want to delete the user completely. For an active user I can retrieve the “last_login_time” via the API. However, for inactive users this field is always empty, so I can’t count the days since the user’s last login to compare to the 90 days.

I’d be happy to have any indication of the user’s last activity from the API. Alternatively, the date when the user was last modified in Zoom would be helpful, since for inactive users it would be the time the user was deactivated. Or I would need any other reference point to identify the last user’s activity. Is there anything I could use? Can you explain why the last_login_time is empty for inactive users? It does not make too much sense to me, since this information might be helpful even for deactivated users.


P.S.: Opened a ticket for this, but was asked to post it here also.


Hey @Hauke,

Thanks for posting! This wouldn’t be a bad idea, but we don’t have this on the roadmap as of now. I can talk with my team about getting this into the roadmap but prioritization would probably put this lower on the list. This is the first time we have had a request like this so it’ll be hard to prioritize it. (Just trying to be transparent so you know what to expect.)

For now I would track this on your end. You could setup a simple state database and save the date when you deactivate in there. I think this would be the best short-term solution until we can get this prioritized.


Hi @tim.slagle,

understood, thanks for picking it up. Still: Why is last_login_time empty for inactive users? This attribute usually has a valid value while the user is active, so why is it cleared/inhibited after deactivation? The value in there is still true - the last login - even of an inactive user - was at time XYZ - that’s a fact, isn’t it? Depending on if it is cleared or just not exposed any more, a change seems to be very simple to me.

However, I guess I’ll need to think of some way of my own to track the user’s inactive time.




Hi @Hauke,

You’re right, it does make sense to at least include some data for inactive users. Our Engineers are aware of it and well determine the priority of when this will be included in an upcoming API release.
We’ll let users know about this change via our upcoming API releases section here -