Need to know if a zoom account is HIPAA using API

We have a medical SAAS where we allow doctors to use their HIPAA compliant zoom account to generate a meeting link with their patients (using OAuth).

Is there a way to verify using API whether an account is HIPAA compliant?

We don’t want them to use a non-HIPAA account to initiate a telehealth meeting.

Seems like this should be available somehow.

Hi @hermito, this type of account-level data is not available through our APIs. HIPAA compliance will govern the data that is returned through the APIs; for example, if PII data is hidden from meeting reports, those APIs will return participant information that is either blank or hidden. While you cannot check the status of an account, you can trust the data available will be governed by any HIPAA compliance.

Thanks for the information.

Zoom has a special account where it signs a BAA. I would like to know via api whether the zoom account being oauth is the kind with a BAA.

It would be nice it the entity that connects their zoom account with our software is the kind with a BAA zoom account.

Hey @hermito,

If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category. Our team can then consider what options we have for a future release.


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