REST API Webinar followup

Hello everyone,

Following up on some questions that were asked in the Webinar QA session:


Q. Can we use zoom to add secure video visits to our app?

  • Yes, you can. In fact, we have some Telehealth APIs which makes secure video visits easy to integrate in your application.



Q. Are the secure video visits encrypted?

  • Everything is encrypted with Zoom - all media, recordings, chats, signaling, etc.



Q. Do you sign HIPAA BAA?

  • Yes, We do sign HIPAA BAA 



Q. Are you working on an SDK for Microsoft .NET?

  • Our Windows SDK comes with a c# wrapper for .NET apps



Q. Is there a way to launch the zoom client from a webpage without redirection to

  • No, the meeting launch URL will be redirected to and currently, there is no way around that.