New features, but not for everyone?

This is Zoom API related because we are using auto-generated passcodes for meetings.


A client is reporting that meetings are suddenly returning with the error: '300 Validation Failed.passwordPassword provided does not match the password requirement settings set for this account. The password must follow these rules: [Password must contain at least 1 special character (!, @, #…).].

We found that in the teacher’s zoom settings , as an admin, they have these options:

There’s no way for the admin to change these options for all users. There’s no way to lock these options.

Strangely, in our company Zoom organization, as an admin, I do not see these passcode options. Here’s what I see when looking ta a user in our organization:

Noteworthy are multiple missing sections on the navigation, and a rename of the “Other” section to “Admin Options”.

Are there changes rolling out that are not rolled out to all of Zoom users at once? I have a feeling this update is about to break functionality for about 300,000 students and their teachers.

Hi @edu_dev4,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help out however I can. While I understand you’re auto generating passwords for your meetings when they’re created via API, these specific questions are more geared towards account settings hierarchies reflected in the Zoom UI, and so our Support team will be best suited to assist with this, as they’re the experts on these settings. If you submit a ticket to our team here and let me know the ticket number afterwards, I can ensure that it gets into the right hands, given the importance of these settings for you.

I should note that we are not conducting any split testing on these settings, either.


Thanks! Ticket #8389547

Thanks, @edu_dev4. I can confirm it’s been marked priority and someone from our Technical Support team should be in touch shortly.