"News media attending" feature - participant self-identification, visual and voice notification

In pre-pandemic days, participants in a public meeting could easily see the reporter sitting there taking notes, but in the virtual environment, those who enter the meeting late, participate via phone, or are new to the Zoom client may not know that working media is “in the room,” even when we perform the following actions: State before the meeting that we are recording ; Post a chat message ; Name ourselves “My Name (media, recording)”.

Professional members of the media typically record public meetings using their own recording devices, whether the meeting organizers are recording the Zoom meeting or not. We have handled this issue to date by asking meeting organizers to record their meetings with the existing Zoom recording feature, because Zoom informs all participants that the meeting is being recorded.

Please add a “media present” feature, which would (1) allow participants to identify themselves as members of the media, and (2) provide notice to all participants when 1 or more members of the media are present, with a voice notice and a visual indicator in the Zoom client.