No camera input while using Zoom websdk on a custom browser


I am currently trying to run your sample-web-app on a custom browser ( which is kind of similar to Opera v46). Everything is working well … except that I cannot send a video from my webcam ( my webcam starts and there is a pop up that appears, but nothing is happening after it ).

The video from my webcam is not displayed on my screen and nobody in the meeting can see it.

I’m using the last version of your Zoom web SDK, 1.8.1. I have also the same problem on the version 1.8.0

Problem’s origin
As I’m using a custom browser, I don’t have access to webRTC framework. I have seen that you are using it in your code ( ), and I guess that you are using this framework for the webcam recording. I was wondering if there is a solution for using your webSDK without using webRTC.
Also, I’m not sure if the problem comes from here at 100% …

Other information
If I join a meeting from your website, everything is working well : my browser is displaying well what my camera is recording, and everybody in the meeting can see it. The problem only occurs when I’m using your webSDK.

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Hey @daniel.dessaux,

Can you give us more details about the browser? Are you serving your site over https? Screenshots would be helpful.

And yes, our Web SDK runs using the WebRTC/Web Assembly framework.


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I have fixed the problem … Apparently, using the version 1.7.7 of your websdk instead of the version 1.8.0 fixed everything.

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Hi again,

Sorry for the double post.
Now that the video works well, I’m trying to manage the audio. I already know that my browser does not support the audio output, but I was wondering if your websdk still send audio packages to the client. If yes, how can I recover them ? If I can, I would be able to manually encrypted/decrypted audio packages ( probably with ffmpeg outside the browser ), and manage the audio output by myself.

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Hey @daniel.dessaux,

Happy to hear upgrading fixed the camera issue! :slight_smile:

Can you please create a new thread for the audio issue / question you have?


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