No channel or user can be found with the given to_jid

Yes, I have seen the docs for sending and editing and deleting messages.

Firstly, the doc is a bit confusing:

The main table says that required fields are robot_jid, account_id and content

However, the example below the table has to_jid in the request body!


I send a message to a user as a chatbot. This is a one to one chat between a chatbot and a user.

Message gets delivered to user, I can see in the Zoom windows app. When the message is sent from the chatbot, I get a json response which has the message_id in it with other details.

I shame-lessly use the code from New-be needs a PHP sample - #2 by Ojus : with minor changes for editing messages ( I use the message_id from the previous response, and use the other parameters I used to send the message but I always get the following when I try to edit the previous message:

“{\n\t"code”:7004,\n\t"message":“No channel or user can be found with the given to_jid.”\n}"

I send the CURL request to my own server and see that all data is being “PUTted” properly.

Please help


I can’t post multiple links yet… so here’s some additional info;

The JSON I send is


Which I send to"

Hey @venkymadurai,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m not sure what the problem is here but a good method is to retain the object sent to your endpoint when a user installs your app. You can use that data to send them a message directly and compare it with what you are sending now.

Let me know if that helps. If not, please send an email to with a link to this thread. We can use that to set up a meeting.


Hi Max

I was trying to edit a message sent by the chatbot.

The user is in a one to one conversation with the bot.

As per your reply, I shall email the Dev Support team


I feel like an idiot

When i was preparing the files to send to your Dev Support email, I discovered an error in my code.

The accountId had been wrong when the bot was editing the message. Though i could have sworn that it was the correct one. I noticed later that the accountId in the previous payload was different than the one i was sending

All good now


Glad Max could help and that you figured it out!