No error service with wrong password

Trying to join into a meeting, if type a wrong room number, i got the service response as expected, but, if only the room password is wrong, i have no response, no log. Any help?

Which version?

Finally i found the solution implementing the interface ImMeetingServiceListener.

Hey Elias,

I am facing the same issue, could you please elaborate what did you do to resolve it? I mean a little more on implementing InMeetingServiceListener? Thanks in advance.


You just need do something like this.


Where serviceListener is your class that implements to the interface ImMeetingServiceListener.

After that, when you type a wrong password, you can handler the response in the method onMeetingNeedPasswordOrDisplayName.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Do you know if there’s a way to check if the meetingId I am putting is valid or not? What’s happening is I am putting a random/invalid meetingId and zoom tries to join that and fails. So I am thinking if I could check the meetingId is correct and is of a valid meeting or not?
Thanks in advance for your help.


If i’m not wrong, you just need to implements the MeetingServiceListener and add this implementations to the meetingService.


Hi @elias.ferreira,

Thanks for the post. Yes, when the password is incorrect, it won’t stop user from joining a meeting directly, it will trigger the listener onMeetingNeedPasswordOrDisplayName so that you could have the chance to pass the correct password again.


I have never thought I will find the solution to this problem. It struggled hard to figure out how to do it by myself, but no luck! Thanks a lot for the solution provided.

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