No posting


I can’t get any of the post request to work for the api’s.

Can you guys upload a video tutorial using Postman2 doing a post request?

I’m certain the form data I’m submitting isn’t the correct format.

I got that its suppose to be a ‘text/plain’ but can’t get it through.


Hi Steve,

We have a blog that you can refer to on how to use Postman with your V2 APIs (


Would you be able to share your postman call so that we can troubleshoot your isse?




I got it to work finally. Looks like it wants a json object as acceptable material.



got it to work. Apparently I wasn’t submitting my post as an ‘application/json’. I was using the npm module ‘request’ wrong. Had to set the json attribute to the json data I wanted to submit and not set it as a boolean flag.

Must have been submitting as a different data type.

To get it to work for postman did the following submit


Hi Steve, 

That’s great that you’ve go it working. Yes, you’ll need to submit using application/json. Let us know if you need anything else!