Unsupported Content Type - Help!

Attempting to use the provided postman collection to create a meeting.

The List Meetings function works just fine…

But Create Meetings (post) - I keep getting :

"code": 300,
"message": "Unsupported Content Type"

With status ‘415 Unsupported Media Type’

Values I am using:

  • Params tab
  • userId = “id” value in list users call
  • Body tab
    • topic = test
    • type = 2
    • start time: 2019-10-31T20:00:00Z
    • duration 60
    • timezone UTC

What am I doing wrong??

Hi @jon,

happy to help.

Can you please provide us with the full request details that you are getting the error for?


Screen shots below from postman

Hey @jon,

Instead of using form data to send the request body, please use raw > JSON like this:

Let me know if that works!


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That worked. Is there anyone in Postman to use a form-data approach or similar to make it easier to edit/send values? The default postman collection includes values in the form-data function which came off as confusing if it wasn’t possible

Hey @jon,

Form Data vs. JSON Body are different ways to send data. You can use the form data method, but you have to set the following header: "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data"

More details here on the difference between the two: