No such module 'MobileRTCScreenShare'

Hello all,

I’m trying to import MobileRTCScreenShare framework in my broadcast extension, but it isn’t found…

It’s linked and Framework Search Paths is pointing to MobileRTCScreenShare.framework folder…

Can you help me, please?


Thanks for the post. Our demo app has the same setting as yours:

If you have configured the framework search path and ensured the search path is correct, then you might need to try an alternative way to import it:

  1. Remove the library MobileRTCScreenShare.framework form your project
  2. Open “Finder”, navigate to the folder that has the MobileRTCScreenShare.framework
  3. Drag the framework into the Xcode project navigator
  4. Import the framework and select “Copy files if needed”

This should fix this issue. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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It’s very strange… If I create broadcast extension in Objective-c, I can import MobileRTCScreenShare.framework, but not in Swift… :frowning:

Hmm…that’s strange. I tried to search online and it seems this is not a Zoom SDK specific issue, might be related to the Swift project configurations. Maybe the following links could be helpful:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

@Carson_Chen, finally I created broadcast extension in Obj-c… I “fixed” the problem using Obj-c :smiley:

Glad to hear that it is working now. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: