No user input improvements


The way we’d like to use the Zoom Web SDK Client is to show the meetings on displays with no user input possible.

The features that would be really helpful to achieve the above:

  1. Setting to autostart the audio (provided the browser allows to do so)
  2. Setting to remove all of the UI
  3. Provide some more callbacks about the state of the Zoom Web SDK Client (joined meeting room, video & audio ready, host left)
  4. Add possibility to join the Webinar with registration

As far as the audio goes, I think you have something already implemented.
Right now, in order to be able to hear the sound within the Web SDK Zoom app the user has to click ‘Join with Computer Audio’, which also starts the audio output. In my application, I’d like to just present the video and audio to the user and the user input is not possible (it’s a display only screen using web technologies). The browser runs in a way which allows the audio to autostart, but the Zoom SDK doesn’t export such settings. I’ve managed to achieve the automatic audio initialization by altering your minified code ‘isAutoJoinVOIP’ and it works very well! However, this is not a reliable (supported by you) solution and that actually starts the audio both ways (in and out). It would be great if you’d add some setting for automatically initializing the incoming audio on start.


Hi @bruno,

Thank you for suggesting these features. I will pass on your request to our engineering team, so that they can consider to add these features in future releases.

Please follow our changelog for more updates.