No webhook callback

Hi there,

I have just added a webhook, which I can retrieve it back:

{ “total_records”: 1,
  “webhooks”: [{
  “webhook_id”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,
  “url”: “”,
  “auth_user”: “XXXX”,
  “auth_password”: “XXXX”,
  “create_at”: “2018-03-21T05:23:38Z”,
  “events”: [ “meeting_jbh”, “meeting_join” ]

However, I did not get any callback on the url when I try to join meeting before host has started it.

Any idea?

Thank you.

Hi, it is because only the host can get the callback.

@Jeffery, Please contact our support team for further support - need to provide your accountNo or owner email.

@Jeffery, the webhook feature is based on account level, so any user under this account will trigger the webhook events.