No webhooks on 'Participant was waiting for host to join'

I have a webhook-only,account-level app but I don’t receive the json details, I assume its because the meeting host is another person.
Any suggestions about which application would help me achieve this.

I wanted to use webhooks sent when i had “waiting for the host to start this meeting” that was hosted by other account but i was joining, Is this possible?

Is it possible to get a webhook when a meeting starts that i’m waiting in?
(Im not the host but a participant)

Hey @TJP

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If the meeting belongs to the owner of the account with the one you created the app, you should be getting those events.
It looks like you are setting up events for your account, so they will only get triggered when you use meetings associated with your account.

Hope this helps,

For the participant, i think its not possible!

As Elisa Said if changing made by other account will trigged so use the account that setup things,

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Right on @frankfosters thanks for chiming in!

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