Not able to access meeting details with mid

I am not able to retrieve the meeting details with mid received from x-zoom-app-context
data: {
code: 3001,
message: ‘Meeting does not exist: xxxxxxxxxx+XLkkLzxYrKQ==.’


Hi @amrendr07
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you tried passing the meeting UUID?

Using X-Zoom-App-Context header I am receiving the AES-GCM encrypted JSON object. after decoding I am getting below data.

“typ”: “string, the context type where this app is opened, could be ‘panel’, ‘meeting’, ‘webinar’, ‘chat’”,
“uid”: “string, the Zoom user id who open this app”,
“mid”: “string, the Zoom meeting uuid identifies the meeting in which this app is opened, only returned when value of typ is ‘meeting’”,
“act”: “action payload supplied in the deeplink”,
“ts”: “long, the create timestamp of this context”,
“exp”: “long, the expiration timestamp of this context”

Now this is the Mid and using this I am trying to fetch the meeting details.
but getting below error:
data: {
code: 3001,
message: ‘Meeting does not exist: xxxxxxxxxx+XLkkLzxYrKQ==.’

Hi @amrendr07
Thanks for the clarification
Have you taken a look at the docs here to make sure you are decrypting the values correctly?

Hi @elisa.zoom
Yeah, I used the same Decryption code as provided in the document.
Sometimes the script provides the correct meeting id and sometimes it doesn’t.

Interesting, @amrendr07
Could you please share two examples with me? One that shows when the script returns values that work and one example when it does not.
I will send you a private message so you can reply there with the examples, please.

My concern is I am not able to fetch meeting details with mid.

When I start the meeting, I fetch the Zoom App context and after decrypting, I get the below attached values.

Now when I try to fetch the meeting details with the meeting id getting the below error:

On the other hand, using UID I can fetch the user details: