Not able to retrieve survey data

Attempting to retrieve the survey for a webinar held on July 12, ID=81775364029. Using API URL of

When I run a report from with the Zoom Reports, it does include one survey result

When I attempt to retrieve the same survey through the API, the only result I receive is {“show_in_the_browser”:true,“show_in_the_follow_up_email”:false}. No information is in the ‘questions’ portion of the JSON response message

I need to be able to retrieve the questions and the response from each audience member to each question

Hi @akgorrell
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Unfortunately, the endpoint you are calling will only return information about the webinar survey and not the responses.

I am looking internally to see the status of this Feature Request that has been created in the past.
I will keep you updated.

Thank you - the JSON schema indicated at Zoom Meeting API includes a section called ‘questions’. Not sure if this is intentional or not?

Yes @akgorrell
The questions that are included in the survey but not the answers that people give

Hi Elisa! Was wondering if you’ve found anything about an existing enhancement that would allow us to retrieve actual responses from Zoom Surveys?

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Hi @akgorrell
I looked internally and the Feature request exists but it is not available yet.