Not able to see the other participants

after joining the meeting as participant i am not albe to see the other participants gallery view and also if i turn on video it wont show to the participant but host is able to see.

VP9?: true AMD?: false AMDdecodecheck: true isenbaleHD:true enable720p?: true capacityfor720: false

there are the warning message i am getting after joining the meeting

    "reason": "userId is not correct"
@zoom_meetingsdk_embedded.js?v=69ad15f6:15627 Can not use the hardware acceleration for video encoding due to the account restriction

How can i remove the account restriction?

@qwerty1234 ,

Is SharedArrayBuffer enabled for your website?

By following the article which you share i enabled the sharedArrayBuffer by using the Serviceworkers
its will set headers

const newHeaders = new Headers(response.headers);
newHeaders.set("Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy", "require-corp");
newHeaders.set("Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy", "same-origin");

Zoom meeting is working fine with gallery view etc…
now in my entire website all the images, videos are not loading becuause of this headers
i am getting this warinig message

resulted in a network error response: Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy prevented from serving the response to the client.