Not Able to share screen in custom UI from Joiner screen Android

Not able to share the screen from Custom UI(From user who joins the meeting).
Share screen button is showing there but when i click on screen share the callback of that screen is not working. I am able to share the screen from user who host the meeting.
So how to allow the user who joins the meeting can share the screen. I am Using Custom UI Demo App.

Hi @nitin.thakor

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If I read this correct, you would like to know how to allow other users to be able to share their screen. I will tell you how in just to steps.

  1. Go to the bottom where it says “Share screen” and press the arrow next to it.
  2. After you click the arrow next to it, something will pop up saying “Multiple Participants cna share simulationsly” Press it, and now everyone can share!

Hope this helped, @PantherDeveloper :smile:

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Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for the post.

Thank you @PantherDeveloper for helping out! :blue_heart:

If the steps provided by @PantherDeveloper do not resolve your issue, can you please provide a video showing the issue you are running into?


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@jon.lieblich I’m always glad to help :smile:


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Yes,I know that step how to allow it by UI. But i want to do it programmatic(Android Code).
if it is possible please let me know. I am using custom ui Demo App And in That it is not showing by UI Also.

Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for clarifying.

The closest thing to what you are describing would be InMeetingShareController.lockShare.


Its working fine. Thank You

Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for the update.

Happy to hear everything is working now! Please let us know if you encounter additional problems in the future and we will be happy to help.