Not able to use reports API on a pro account

Privilege error on Pro API functions while using Pro account

{ "code": 200, "message": "This API is only available for ZMP and Business or higher accounts that have enabled the Dashboard feature." }

Basically, I’ve purchased a Pro zoom account to be able to use the reports rest API, I’ve generated a token from my marketplace zoom app and when I run the function I get the message below, I’ve tried searching for whatever ZMP is and how to enable dashboard mode, but I have had no success on solving this problem, is my account not enough to access this function? Did I skip any step?

Hi @lcruz.samuel
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
To be able to access the Dashboard endpoints, the prerequisite is to have a Business or a higher plan.
So it is expected that if you have a pro account, you are getting this error

Hi, @elisa.zoom. I had a similar question before finding this answer.
I know that I can get the participants of the meeting with this call on the Pro account


The only thing I’m missing there is any unique user identifiers, because id and email fields are empty while they are not in the reports that can be downloaded manually. Is there any other call or maybe permission that I can give the application to achieve that?
I’m trying to understand how many people participate in the meetings in our volunteer organization and I really don’t want to manually download the reports from the website and write a script that would scrap csv file when Zoom already has an API for that.

Hi @speakingclub
Thanks for reaching out to us!
The email and id will be empty when the participant is not logged in to their account and they join as guests.
But if you are able to see them in the UI and not in the API response, then I would like to further look into this because this is not expected

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