Getting the user participants in zoom meeting API without purchasing the bussines plan as a developer


Greeting everyone,
I am facing an issue. I am developing a university project to control certain physical and software components. I have created a zoom meeting using the API, now I need to read the list of participants. However, the below error appears asking for a business plan or higher to access it and it cost around $199. Is there a way around getting the list of participants as developer accounts without the purchase of a business plan?
If I purchase a pro plan, will the problem still appear?

{“code”:200,“message”:“This API is only available for Business or higher accounts that have enabled the Dashboard feature.”}

Hi @khaled.dawoud

Hope you are doing great and thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
About the issue you are facing, yes, all of our Dashboard and Report endpoints requiere a Business or higher accounts so you can get data from those endpoints.

On the other hand, you should be able to call the List past meeting participants endpoint with a pro account

Hope this helps,

Hi @elisa.zoom
thanks for your kind response.
Do you mean that if I purchase the pro version, I will be able to get the data. because I am using it in university project and want to get the data from this request such as the email of participants.

your support is more than appreciated. Thank you

Hi @khaled.dawoud
Of course, I am happy to help.
Yes if you have a Pro account you will be able to access more endpoints than with a free account.
You will be able to call Get past meeting participants with a Pro account, as the Prerequisites are a Paid account on a Pro or higher plan

I also wanted to add that in order for you to get the email of the participants, it is important that you follow the steps/guidance that are listed in this post:

I hope this helps,

Greetings @elisa.zoom
my organization granted me a bussines license permission. However, I use JWT account develpment type to create meeting and read the meeting participnats information as a project in my university course. However, the JWT from time to time swtich off i.e being disabled, I have to contact my admistratiors to activate it to me and investigated the solution. I need your help and investiagtion why this happen to keep working with zoom peacfully.


Hi @khaled.dawoud
That is strange. Do you know if someone with Admin privileges is making any changes to your JWT app?
Unless you deactivate your app manually, this should not be happening.

Greetings @elisa.zoom ,
actually no, and the helpdesk team in the university have been seraching why the JWT development type status flip to disable for a week. and still I suffer from this issue.
my zoom account: email and I have bussines license.
we appriciate your kind help & support.

thanks @khaled.dawoud
I will go ahead and debug this issue further.
I have edited your previous response for privacy (we should not share any personal information on this forum :slight_smile: )


Thank you @elisa.zoom, me and the help deskteam will appriciate that.

Hey there @khaled.dawoud

I can not find any JWT app associated with your account.
What I am thinking that could be happening here is that you are just generating tokens from our Marketplace with an expiration time of 1 week.

If that is the case, I would suggest you to generate your own JTW tokens (with your API key and secret) so you do not face this issue.

Hope this helps,

@elisa.zoom Hey
Actually, elisa I have not longer access to create JWT tokens, it says 'Developer privilege is required.
Please contact your account admin". and for creating JWT access, I have create one with expiration in 2025. Once the JWT flipped to disabled it made the token expired and no longer able to create JWT. Kindly, if it it possible you can send me an email and I will put the helpdesk team in CC, so they can be in the picture, because we have been struggling for a week without a solution.
Thank you

HI @khaled.dawoud
Find a helpful post on how to ground developer privileges to an user :slight_smile:

And also feel free to send an email to with a link to this thread an I will take it from there!


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