Not navigating to Meeting Activity once I start meeting and close meetings one after the other

Hi Team,
I am having an issue while starting multiple meetings. Let me explain with you a scenario where I have scheduled 2 meetings A and B. If I start the meeting-A end it, then again if I start meeting-B (without closing the application) the meeting is getting started but it is not navigating to the meeting activity. This works well when I close the app after ending the meeting-A and start the meeting-B, it is taking me to the meeting Activity. Kindly assist me with this case.

Which version?

Hi @abhishekt, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. I noticed that you are using an older version of our SDK. Are you able to update to the most recent version and test whether or not this behavior is still reproducible?

Also, are you using the default meeting UI or a custom UI?


Hi @jon.lieblich , Thanks for the response. I was using a older SDK but now I have upgraded to the latest version v5.2.41727.0928. Seems like the issue is still there on the latest version as well. As the meeting-B is getting started but not navigating to meeting activity once after i end the meeting-A.
Also yes I am using the custom meeting UI

Hi @abhishekt, thanks for the additional info.

Since you are using the custom meeting UI, you are entirely responsible for launching the meeting activity. However, if there is something specific to the SDK that is not functioning properly which your app relies on to start the meeting activity, that would be something we could look into. If that is the case, please let me know what piece of the SDK itself is not functioning as expected and I will be more than happy to help.