Oauth 2.0 token received but 400 Bad Request from GET

What is wrong with the request?

  • Able to do grant_type=client_credentials and zoom.us oauth/token endpoint returns temp token
  • Error is: 400 Bad Request from GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{USERID}/meetings

Troubleshooting steps

  • Tested this endpoint with a temp admin generated JWT token and it worked.
  • Tried regenerating keys, tokens, etc.
  • Scoped admin privileges everything because we don’t know what is wrong.

We have the “Business Plan” so API should be available. Note: this is “server-to-server or two-legged OAuth” running with Java spring-boot.

What makes me think the token response works?

  • It wouldn’t return a token if that part of our code was broken
  • if I put a bogus token in the Bearer Auth it has a different error: 401 Unauthorized from GET
    Here’s what is returned:
{"access_token":"{TOKEN}","scope":"account:read:admin account:write:admin contact:read:admin dashboard_crc:read:admin dashboard_home:read:admin dashboard_im:read:admin dashboard_meetings:read:admin dashboard_webinars:read:admin dashboard_zr:read:admin group:read:admin group:write:admin h323:read:admin h323:write:admin imchat:bot meeting:read:admin meeting:write:admin meeting_token:read:admin:live_streaming meeting_token:read:admin:local_archiving meeting_token:read:admin:local_recording recording:read:admin recording:write:admin user:read:admin user:write:admin webinar:read:admin webinar:write:admin webinar_token:read:admin:live_streaming webinar_token:read:admin:local_archiving webinar_token:read:admin:local_recording","token_type":"bearer","expires_in":3600}

Note: Zoom Developer Documentation clearly states that:
“The Client Credentials grant is used to get an access token for APIs that require only a service’s permission. This grant does not require a user’s permission. For Zoom APIs, use the Client Credentials grant to get an access token from Zoom for the Server-to-Server OAuth app type or to get an access token from the Chatbot service in order to use the Send Chatbot Messages API.”
client_credentials is not limited to chat bots as this post suggests.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi @noel.miller
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
My question is, are you using a Server-to-Server OAuth app?
If you, you should be passing account_credentials as your grant_type and the account_id in your query params.

So your request should look something like this:


Also, here is a link to our Docs: Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much. Worked like a charm!


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Glad that helped!