OAuth access token


Currently, I have been able to use Zoom APIs. However, the problem is that I was able to make it work using JWT which will soon be legacy. Also, I manually get the JWT token from the zoom website only.

I need help on automatically getting access token and refresh token for OAuth.

*Additional: Do I have to completely change my code since I’m changing from JWT to OAuth?

Thank you.

It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to use Zoom APIs, but I understand that you’re facing an issue with JWT authentication and are looking to switch to OAuth. To automatically get access and refresh tokens for OAuth, you can follow the authorization flow outlined in the Zoom API documentation. This involves obtaining an authorization code from the user, exchanging it for an access token and refresh token, and then using the access token for subsequent API requests. You may need to update your code to incorporate these changes, but it should not require a complete overhaul of your existing codebase. It’s always a good idea to test your new code thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected. Additionally, you can refer to the Zoom API documentation or reach out to the Zoom API support team for further assistance.