OAuth and webhooks in multiple environments

I have 3 environments.

  1. https://example.com
  2. https://sub1.example.com
  3. https://sub2.example.com

I would like to use OAuth and webhook in 3 environments in one app.

To support all domains, should I set the Redirect URL for OAuth to “https://any.example.com”?
In addition, should I set “https://example.com” in Add allow lists?

Also, should I set “https://any.example.com/endpointurl” for the Endpoint URL of the Deauthorization notification?

Also, should I set “https://any.example.com/notification” for the webhook Event notification endpoint URL?

Hi @taki22

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Please refer to the Documentation here:

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