OAuth App - Orphaned / Lost Administrative Access

Does anyone have any experience with a Zoom OAuth app getting orphaned? We developed an OAuth app that is pretty widely utilized. It was developed under my email account on a personal Zoom account. I was recently invited to our “corporate” Zoom account and when I accepted that invitation I lost access to the OAuth app that we built…

Seems like my email address was merged into the Corp account but the OAuth app is still attached to the original Zoom account.

I have tried all of the standard Zoom support channels without much success. I just recently emailed the “developersupport” address, but I’m not sure that is monitored.

Thanks for any intel.

This exact thing happened to me but Technical Support got it sorted out in a few days: https://devforum.zoom.us/t/no-longer-have-access-to-my-zoom-marketplace-app/74640

Hello @geoff.mina

Please let me know if you have the ability to open a support ticket, if not please let me know and I can help out here

Thank you for getting back to me Kwaku. I do not have the ability to open a support ticket. The one I opened was immediately closed and I was advised to post a message here.

We are a paying customer, I guess we just don’t have “developer support”.

Please let me know what I can do to assist.

Hello @geoff.mina Can you please email the following information t integration.testers@zoom.us

App Name:
Email for Zoom Account that had access:
Email for Zoom Account you would like access returned to:

Regards, Kwaku

Email sent. Thank you!

Thank you recieved and working on it now, process should be completed within 48hrs

Regards, Kwaku

Hello @geoff.mina the team just resolved the ticket can you confirm this on your end and let me know please?

Regards, Kwaku

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