Adding collaborators to newly created OAuth app

After creating in Zoom Marketplace new custom OAuth app and installing it, I wanted to share app settings with my colleague and I send him URL to app X in this format
Both of us have Admin role in our zoom tenant.

The same error goes for Account-level or user-managed OAuth app

Unfortunately, when he tries to access the link, he is getting two error messages (see a screenshot)

2020-04-03 15_43_35-Slack _ integration-powerpoint _ slido _ 2 new items

How to replicate
Go to zoom marketplace, click Develop -> choose to Build app -> choose OAuth app and fill out every necessary fields, in the end, send direct URL for the webpage which has credentials to my colleague, who is also zoom admin.

Can you suggest how we can collaborate on creating OAuth app in zoom marketplace?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @jgrossmann,

Unfortunately as of now having multiple users collaborate on one Zoom OAuth / Chatbot app is not supported.

This is on the roadmap however for a future update. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the inconvenience,

how about a situation when a Zoom user account which is used to create an app, no longer active with the organisation (ex: employee leaving the organisation). In such cases, how can the existing app be transferred to a new user account? what is the process to be followed in this case.


Hey @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Good question! We are working on a marketplace update to allow transferring / collaboration of apps.

At the moment the current flow would be to make the change on our end. Do you need an app moved to another user on your account?


we have a need to move app ownership. would get back accordingly once I discuss within my team on this.

Also, would look forward to zoom providing a standard mechanism to allow transferring the app ownership.


Hey @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Thanks, please let us know!