No longer have access to my Zoom Marketplace App

My company was acquired and my Zoom account was added to the new company account, now I cannot access my app (I was the only with access) from App Marketplace. Any guidance here to regain access so we can update the Redirect URIs?


Hi @joel.pelton ,

Please submit a support ticket with the:

  • app name
  • production client id
  • production client secret
  • owner/developer email
  • a link to this thread
  • old account id and new account id (from the acquisition)

Please link this thread in the support ticket and name the subject “app transfer request due to company acquisition”.

Thank you,

I opened a ticket and they told me to post here.

Based on the information, this is something that needs our Developer Support assistance.
Please go to and reach Developer Support to assist you with this query.

Hi @joel.pelton , following up here, sorry for the re-routing. Were you able to get this sorted?