oAuth App Scopes


Hi - I’m in what appears to be a catch-22 situation. I understand JWT is being phased out, so I am trying to build my integration between Salesforce and Zoom webinar functionality using oAuth. However, in order to create a webinar, it appears I need the webinar:write:admin scope, but it also appears that I cannot set this scope for an oAuth app.

One workaround I found is to start building a marketplace app, which allows for scopes to be set, but just never publish/submit the app.

My question is this: is there any way to actually set the scope(s) of an oAuth app without going through the marketplace, and if not, what would be the appropriate course of action here? I am allergic to developing my app using an authentication approach that is explicitly being end-of-life’d.



Hi Alex, 

Right now the only way to set the scopes of an oAuth app is through the marketplace. You can register your app in the marketplace privately without submitting it. See blow.

Private or internal apps and connectors

If you are developing an integration for your own account use and do not wish to have it publicly available on the Zoom App Marketplace, simply generate a publishable URL for your app for distribution among your internal users. You are not required to submit your app to the Marketplace.




Thanks Michael! That will do.