New Integration With My Site

I want to use the Zoom API on my web application. For my customers that are also Zoom customers, I want to allow them to create Zoom Meetings from my site, and I believe the API is the way to do this. I do not want to publish an app to the marketplace. But I do want my API integration to work outside of my developers account (and work with their Zoom accounts).

None yet. But when I was looking at the OAuth authentication it said “This app cannot be shared outside of your account”. I believe I need to use OAuth in the API to access Zoom information for other Zoom users, but I don’t want my app to show up on the marketplace (as this is not necessary, all the interaction will be via my site).

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth most likely, but I am comfortable with JWT if that would work for my needs.

Which Endpoint/s?
Meetings primarily. Perhaps others in the future.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Still trying to start my integration…

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
Just trying to figure out where to go… I’ve been all over the support docs, but it’s not super clear. I thought I wanted to create a Private app, but I do want to get authentication from my Users so I can create Zoom Meetings under their Zoom account. Does that mean I need to make my app available on the marketplace? I was hoping to avoid that (so it could be released quicker, and because we do not need/want to show up on the marketplace as only our Users will be able to and want to use this Zoom integration). But we do want the integration.

So… how should I sign up?

Hi @jsierks thanks for posting & using Zoom! You are correct, to allow users outside your account to install your app it will need to be published publicly on the App Marketplace. We require this to provide a guarantee to all users that the app has gone through our Submission Review process. There are a few instances where we will support the sharing of private apps; however, this is not intended to be permanent or outside of testing.

I do recommend that you submit the app publicly to allow users to install it.