OAuth app submission to be used with a non-english web app/website

Hi, I have a website/web app that offers online courses, some are recorded and can be viewed through the web app, and some are live, where people have to buy them/register through the web app.
For the live courses, all users who bought the course from our web app have to be registered manually in our scheduled zoom meeting, where the course will be streamed live, to prevent unauthorized access.

I want to use the OAuth app in order to make users login with their zoom accounts (to ensure that it exists and is correct), then we can retrieve that email so that as soon they pay/register for the live course from our web app, a webhook is triggered to automatically register that zoom account to the scheduled meeting for the course they bought.

The problems:

  1. Is there any easy way to retrieve the email of these users after they authorize it without publishing the app? because I’ll only be using it to retrieve their email for registration, and this zoom app is only usable with my website, so there is no use for it in the marketplace if its not necessary, especially since the app submission requires alot of information + review.

  2. If I have to publish the app, I have another problem. My web app is not in English. Its fully in Arabic. I read in a post that its fine for the privacy policy and terms of use to not be in english if they are translatable to english in chrome. However, since I’ve developed the web app using flutter web, which uses canvaskit (based on SKIA engine) for rendering (text is also not in html), so chrome translate doesnt work, since the text is not in html and you cant even highlight it (behaves somewhat like a mobile app).
    Can I still submit it for review?


Answer to Question 1, there are so many ways to get the emails without an oAuth app, but if you’re looking to collect emails for people connecting to your meetings being created using the OAuth App that won’t work. In order to be published on the marketplace users have to authorize your Zoom OAuth app and you receive the requested information that way via your backend.

Answer to Question 2. The whole app is not required to be in English, just what is listed below

At this time, our Marketplace only supports App Information in English. Please translate all App Listing information (text in descriptions, images and scope usage descriptions) to English, or have an English translation directly following any content in the foreign language provided.
If your app is only offered in a specific region or language, the functionality/UI of your app can be in that region’s language, however, you must include a note in bold at the top of your Long Description that the app is only for that region/language.
Regardless of this, your listing information must be in English, or contain an English description directly following any content in the foreign language provided.
If you include this language disclaimer, we can accept resource content (Privacy Policy, Zoom Documentation, and Support Page) in the specified language.

Regards, Kwaku

what other ways are there to collect their email/prove they are associated with a zoom account?

I can simply ask my web app users to enter the email they want to refister with, but the registration to the meeting is done after the payment, so im worried that they may use a wrong email (not associated with a zoom account) or enter a typo. How can i confirm that their email is associated with a zoom account without oauth? From the zoom api, there is a “check if user exists” request, but it only works if the users are within my account AND are signed up with email not a provider like google sign in. But if they are not in my account, this request doesnt work, cant check if an account exists with this email.

Also If i went ahead with app submission, I have a few questions:

  1. my web app cant be traslated with chrome translate, and you cant highlight the text. So if i give you a link to my privacy policy and terms of use pages you wont be able to translate them, is that ok? Or do i need to give you a seperate link (that my customers cant see, where there is a “copy” button that simply copies the whole privacy policy to the clipboard so u can manually translate it?"
  2. the checklist shows the I need to link to a support page with operating hours, trouble shooting, how to remove and add the app…etc
    First, its a small project and we do not have a specified operation hours, we have email and phone contact (via whatsapp) for support, visible at the bottom of all pages, and we try to respond as soon as possible.
    Secondly, the oauth will only be used within or web app to get their email and ensure they are associated with a zoom account. Its not supposed to be directly searched for and installed via marketplace website.
    So im not sure if i should include add/remove/troubleshoot guides for the app.

Also, one item in the app submission checklist requires me to show documentation url on how to navigate market place and add the app…etc.
But the problem is thats not the use case of my app. There is no reason to go to the market place and add it, it wont benefit you in any way.
My own web app/website redirects you to zoom Auth when it requires to use the api, it has no use outside of that. So I’m not sure what documentation is requireed from me

thnaks for sharing! good to know!

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